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Welcome to the Saucony Book Shop!

Styll [am] I besy bokes assemblynage,
For to have plenty it is a pleasant thynge
In my conceyt, and to have them ay in honde:
But what they mene do I not understande.

-- Sebastian Brant, Das Narrenschiff (1494),
as translated by Alexander Barclay & printed by
Pymson of London, 1509, as The Ship of Fooles

All that mankind has done, thought, gained or been, it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books. They are the choicest possessions of men.
-- Thomas Carlyle

Everywhere I have sought rest and not found it, except sitting in a corner by myself with a little book.
-- Thomas a Kempis

The Saucony Book Shop, located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, the heart of scenic rural Berks County, epicenter of Pennsylvania German folk culture (our shop specialty), offers a full range of gently used, rare, and antiquarian books, with many volumes of scholarly merit and an unabashed emphasis on the quaint, the curious, and the utterly obscure.

We make no attempt to be a general-service book shop. Our inventory is highly selective, individually chosen from among the hundreds of thousands of books to which we have access annually at auctions, library and estate sales, and through individual scouts and vendors. We do not handle material that does not meet our expectations in terms of condition or interest to our specialized, idiosyncratic customers.

Despite maintaining a browsing inventory of more than 15,000 volumes, we have minimized our carbon footprint by maintaining our entire operation -- including inventory storage, packing and shipping, and retail sales -- in less than 1,000 square feet.  Our cozy retail space, a mere 416 square feet crammed floor to ceiling with all manner of curiosities, is a former cobbler's shed alongside the Saucony Creek, named after the aboriginal (Lenni Lenape) word sakunk, referring to the outlet of a stream.  Saucony, the internationally recognized athletic shoe and activewear firm, originated as the Saucony Shoe Co. in a building just across the street from us in 1898.

NEW shop hours (effective October 2011): Tuesdays through Fridays 12 p.m. - 6 p.m., weekends by appointment or chance. Do drop by and browse the eclectic selection gracing our shelves, or ask our ferociously over-read staff for recommendations. If traveling from a distance, please call ahead to be sure that we're not off at another auction!

Selling antiquarian books of merit since 1981. Full search and appraisal services; always keenly interested in purchasing quality used books, whether by the piece or by the bushel.

Thanks for reading about us! Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Featured Items
Historical Researches on the Wars and Sports of the Mongols and Romans: In Which Elephants and Wild Beasts Were Employed or Slain. And the Remarkable Local Agreement of History with the Remains of Such Animals Found in Europe and Siberia
Ranking, John
750.00 USD
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The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha . . . To Which is Prefixed a Life of the Author [Volume I]
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de [Charles Jarvis, translator)
400.00 USD
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The Art of Painting in Oil, and in Fresco: Being a History of the Various Processes and Materials Employed, from Its Discovery, By Hubert and John Van Eyck, to the Present Time [Book Plate of Former U.S. Attorney General Henry D. Gilpin]
Merimee, M. J. F. L. [W. B. Sarsfield Taylor (translator, with original observations]
400.00 USD
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The Annual Register, or A View of the History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year 1776 [First Appearance of American Declaration of Independence in Book Form]
995.00 USD
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Railway Machinery: A Treatise on the Mechanical Engineering of Railways; Embracing the Principles and Construction of Rolling and Fixed Plant, in All Departments. Illustrated By a Series of Plates on a Large Scale [Complete in 30 Parts]
Clark, Daniel Kinnear
2500.00 USD
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The Red Badge of Courage: A Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript [2 volumes, slipcased]
Crane, Stephen [Fredson Bowers (editor, intro.)]
75.00 USD
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Darkness at Noon; or, The Great Solar Eclipse, of the 16th of June, 1806, Described and Represented in Every Particular. Containing, also, an Explanation of Eclipses in General, and the Causes on Which They Depend
Newell, A.
375.00 USD
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A Treatise on Swaim's Panacea; Being a Recent Discovery for the Cure of Scrofula or King's Evil, Mercurial Disease, Deep-Seated Syphilis, Rheumatism, and All Disorders Arising from a Contaminated or Impure State of the Blood, with Cases Illustrating.
Swaim, William
395.00 USD
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A Dissertation on the Ancient Pagan Mysteries. Wherein the Opinions of Bp. Warburton and Dr. Leland on This Subject, are Particularly Considered.
[Towne, John]
250.00 USD
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Pierre et Gilles: La Creation Du Monde
Pierre et Gilles
225.00 USD
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Dufy [Galerie d'Estampes]
Laprade, Jacques de (intro.)
250.00 USD
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Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania [Complete Run Vols. I - XXXV (1-35), 134 Issues 1936-2008 + Index]
Historical Society of Montgomery County
350.00 USD
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Takeoff [1st EDITION, Author's 1st Novel, INSCRIBED]
Kornbluth, Cyril M. [C. M. Kornbluth]
450.00 USD
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Instructions for the Care and Operation of Model A-I. and E. Hispano-Suiza Aeronautical Engines
425.00 USD
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Poems, Translated and Original
Ellet, Mrs. E. F. [Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet]
600.00 USD
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The Gremlins from the Walt Disney Production: A Royal Air Force Story
Dahl, Roald [as Flight Lieutenant Roald Dahl]
250.00 USD
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A Treatise on the Management of Bees; Wherein is Contained the Natural History of those Insects; With the Various Methods of Cultivating Them, Both Antient and Modern, and the Improved Treatment of Them.
Wildman, Thomas
695.00 USD
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The Bridge at Andau [INSCRIBED]
Michener, James A.
95.00 USD
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New Poems
Rutledge, Archibald [South Carolina Poet Laureate]
750.00 USD
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At the Back of the North Wind
Macdonald, George
425.00 USD
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The Song of Solomon
Raban, Zeev, "Bezalel," Jerusalem [Ze'ev Raban]
325.00 USD
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Historical Sketches: A Collection of Papers Prepared for the Historical Society of Montgomery County: Volumes I-VII (1-7) Complete 1895-1925 [Montgomery County, Pennsylvania]
225.00 USD
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Historical Sketches: A Collection of Papers Prepared for the Historical Society of Montgomery County: Volumes I-VII (1-7) Complete 1895-1925 [Montgomery County, Pennsylvania]
Historical Society of Montgomery County
200.00 USD
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Le Decameron [Limited - Edition de grand luxe]
Boccaccio, Giovanni; Francisque Reynard (transl., notes)
475.00 USD
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The Book Collector's Packet: A Miscellany of Fine Books, Bibliography, Typography and Kindred Literary Matters [COMPLETE RUN, Vols. 1-4 (1932-1946)]
Johnston, Paul (editor); Irvin Haas (editor); Lloyd Emerson Siberell (editor); Lawrance S. Thompson (assoc. editor); Lawrence Clark Powell, Lynd Ward, Harry B. Weiss, Melbert B. Cary Jr., Louise F. Barr, Ward Ritchie, Paul A. Bennett, Alyse Gregory
575.00 USD
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Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas [1st American edition - 1847]
Melville, Herman
725.00 USD
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The Decoration and Furniture of English Mansions During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries [XVII and XVIII Centuries, 17th and 18th Centuries]
Lenygon, Francis
85.00 USD
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A History of English Furniture: The Age of Oak.With Plates in Colour after Shirley Slocombe, and Numerous Illustrations Selected and Arranged by the Author
Macquoid, Percy, R.I.
95.00 USD
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The Coloured Ornament of All Historical Styles - Part I: Antiquity - With Coloured Plates from own Paintings in Water Colours
Speltz, Alexander
75.00 USD
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Reunion of the Dickinson Family, at Amherst, Mass., August 8th and 9th, 1883
Dickinson, M. F., et al.
350.00 USD
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Caledonia: Or, An Account, Historical and Topographic, of North Britain; From the Most Ancient to the Present Times: with A Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological [Vol. I (1807) + Vol. II (1810)]
Chalmers, George
475.00 USD
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PROPRIETARY - COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA MAPS SET: Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, "Appendix I-X," Nos. 1-25 + (2) Additional
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
495.00 USD
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PROPRIETARY - COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA MAPS SET: Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, "Appendix I-X," Nos. 1-25 + (2) Additional
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
450.00 USD
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Fear of Flying: A Novel [INSCRIBED]
Jong, Erica
95.00 USD
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New and Recently Catalogued Inventory
Nature in Britain [Britain in Pictures Guinea Volumes]
Grigson, Geoffrey (intro.); W. J. Turner (editor)
10.00 USD

Tarzan Alive: His Outrageous and Magnificent Life
Farmer, Philip Jose
5.00 USD

Double Honeymoon [Avon 34553]
Connell, Evan S., Jr. [given as Evan S. Connel, Jr.]
5.00 USD

Old Lancaster: Historic Pennsylvania Community from its Beginnings to 1865
Klein, Frederic Shriver; H. M. J. Klein (fwd.)
9.50 USD

The White Lantern
Connell, Evan S.
7.50 USD

The Collected Stories of Evan S. Connell
Connell, Evan S.
8.50 USD

The Alchymist's Journal
Connell, Evan S.
6.50 USD

The Aztec Treasure House: Selected Essays
Connell, Evan S.
9.95 USD

The Connoisseur
Connell, Evan S.
5.00 USD

St. Augustine's Pigeon: The Selected Stories
Connell, Evan S.
7.50 USD

The Patriot
Connell, Evan S., Jr.
25.00 USD

The Diary of a Rapist
Connell, Evan S.
7.50 USD

The Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971 [City Lights Pocket Poets Series No. 30]
Ginsberg, Allen
4.95 USD

Howl, and Other Poems [City Lights Pocket Poets Series No. 4]
Ginsberg, Allen; William Carlos Williams (intro.)
4.95 USD

African Jungle
Anderson, A. M.
10.00 USD

Listen to the Whistle: An Anecdotal History of the Wallkill Valley Railroad in Ulster and Orange Counties, New York
Mabee, Carleton; Jacobs, John K. (editor)
29.95 USD

Montmartre and the Making of Mass Culture
Weisberg, Gabriel P. (editor); Karal Ann Marling (fwd.)
35.00 USD

The East African Annual 1951-1952 [Kenya - Tanganyika - Uganda - Zanzibar]
45.00 USD

Africa: A Biography of the Continent
Reader, John
6.50 USD

East Africa: A Century of Change 1870-1970
Ward, W. E. F.; White, L. W.
5.00 USD

New Hope for Rural Africa: The Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Social Centre, Kikuyu, Kenya in September 1967 [East African Rural Development Studies 3]
Watts, E. R. (editor)
10.00 USD

Memoirs of Africa [SIGNED]
Losier, Rev. Andrew J.; George W. Rhoad (fwd.)
9.95 USD

An African Journey: Stories and Photographs
Patinkin, Mark
5.00 USD

East Africa Today: A Geography of Kenya, Tanganyika-Zanzibar and Uganda
Anderson, Margaret P.
10.00 USD

The Trapp Family, Stowe, Vermont
10.00 USD

Somalia: A Perspective
Cahill, Kevin M., M.D.
10.00 USD

Pictures from Africa and the Mediterranean Basin
McBain, F. C. A.
10.00 USD

Through Open Doors: A View of Asian Cultures in Kenya
Salvadori, Cynthia; Andrew Fedders (editor)
195.00 USD

Kenya: The Land, Its Art, and Its Wildlife - An Anthology
Lumley, Frederick;Forman, Werner
10.00 USD

East Africa and the Islands
Bulpin, T. V. (compiler)
25.00 USD

Vietnam at War: The History, 1946-1975
Davidson, Phillip B., Lt. Gen. USA (Ret.)
9.95 USD

Armored Combat in Vietnam
Starry, Gen. Donn A.
7.50 USD

The Tunnels of Cu Chi: The Untold Story of Vietnam
Mangold, Tom; Penycate, John
5.00 USD

Shattered World: Adaptation and Survival Among Vietnam's Highland Peoples During the Vietnam War
Hickey, Gerald Cannon
95.00 USD

From Oss to Green Berets: The Birth of Special Forces
Bank, Aaron, Col. USA (Ret.)
40.00 USD

The End of the Line: The Seige of Khe Sanh
Pisor, Robert;Pisor, Robert L.
5.00 USD

Shadow War: The CIA's Secret War in Laos [Hardcover]
Conboy, Kenneth; Morrison, James
85.00 USD

Visions of Vietnam
McJunkin, James N.; Crace, Max D.; Shelby Stanon, Capt., U.S. Army (Ret.) (fwd.)
14.50 USD

Vietnam Inc.
Griffiths, Philip Jones
75.00 USD

Hell in a Very Small Place: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu
Fall, Bernard B.
14.50 USD

The Rise and Fall of an American Army: U.S. Ground Forces, Vietnam, 1965-1973
Stanton, Shelby L.
5.00 USD

The New Face of War [Revised Edition]
Browne, Malcolm W.
7.50 USD

Prison Diary [Fifth Edition]
Minh, Ho Chi; Dang The Binh (transl.)
15.00 USD

Last Reflections on a War: Bernard B. Fall's Last Comments on Viet-Nam
Fall, Bernard B.; Dorothy Fall (pref.)
9.50 USD

Viet-Nam Witness 1953-66
Fall, Bernard B.
7.50 USD

Street Without Joy
Fall, Bernard B.; George C. Herring (intro.)
14.50 USD

The Two Viet-Nams: A Political and Military Analysis [Second Revised Edition]
Fall, Bernard B.
10.00 USD

Made by Cartier: 150 Years of Tradition and Innovation
Cologni, Franco; Mocchetti, Ettore
40.00 USD

Reinventing Bach
Elie, Paul
5.00 USD

True Surrender and Christian Community of Goods: From The Great Article Book by Peter Walpot, 1577
Walpot, Peter; Kathleen Hasenberg (transl.); Robert Friedmann (intro.)
20.00 USD


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